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Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2011 10:04:31 -0700
Subject: About Golden Camellia Oil


Dear Jessica,                                                                  4 / 24 / 2011
   I am Susan's daughter, and my name is Irene. I am twelve and a half years old, and I was born with Asthma. Ever since I was seven years old, I've been using an inhaler when I had asthma.
   But when I was twelve years old, my mother introduced me to Dr.Chen's great invention; Golden Camellia Oil. When she gave me my first spoonful of it, the minute I swallowed it, my body and heart felt very pure and clean.
   At that time, I didn't know that if I had asthma, the oil would cure it for a while. But when I didhave asthma, I asked my mom to give me a spoonful of the oil to see if it would work. Almost instantly, I felt better.
   So every day and night, I ask my mom for a spoonful of the Golden Camellia Oil. I'm very greatful that Dr.Chen would have the heart to invent such a high-quality oil to help people around the world.
                 Irene Chiang
P.S, Last time I talked to Dr.Chen on Skype, I asked him if dark chocolate was healthy. The answer was yes, without milk and sugar, only pure dark chocolate. He started saying how he made it, but the Skype connection between where he lives and South Carolina broke up, and my mother had to close her Skype and re-start it again. By the time she got on Skype, Dr.Chen was finished telling how to make dark chocolate. So my mother and I were just wondering if you can post the ingredients in making dark chocolate.
Thanks in advance!